Electronic Drum Pad


Get this electronic drum that offers a self-recording function. It comes with a pedal expansion and an audio input interface for realistic sound.



Key Features…

  • The drum offers a range of timbre that gives the real effect of the drum.
  • Comes with 2 premium quality speakers and can be used anywhere.
  • The foot pedals provide you the same enjoyment as a real drum.
  • Electonic drum great for the entertainment of the whole family.


Portable Gel Pad Electronic Drum

The Electronic drum is a wonderful invention for parents, music teachers, and students. It is a great way to teach how to play the drums. This drum set is made using silicone and plastic making it durable and robust. The drum provides a wide range of tones that produces the sound just like a real drum. It is a portable multi-functional electronic drum that you can take anywhere with you. It is lightweight, making it easy for storing it away safely and securely.

The drum has 6 gel pads along with 2 foot expansion pedals and a standard drum surface configuration. It provides you the enjoyment of the real drum kit and feels like you are playing the real thing. You can alter the speed of playing thanks to the accessories and demonstration songs. The drum has a self-recording function, through which you can easily record your tunes.

Moreover, the drum comes with 2 quality stereo speakers. When you connect the drum with speakers you can create exceptional music experience for everyone. With the audio input interface, you can practice any song of your choice. The external earphones enable you to play the drum without disturbing those around you, great for practiciing whatever time of day it is.

This Electronic drum is a great choice for entertaining a small gathering. You can produce a sound that is more bright and upbeat. It features a DC 5V USB port through which you can easily charge the drum. It has 7 tones, 12 songs and 9 rhythms with a built-in metronome. This electronic drum enables you to play any kind of music. It is a great way to teach kids about music and drum. All you have to do is plug it in and start playing the drum right away. Whether you are into a rock or pop music, with this drum you can start your journey to becoming a real-life rock star. The package includes a pair of foot pedals, a user instruction, a pair of drumsticks, a charging cable, a CD, an audio cable, and a charging power supply.

Additional information

Weight 2.084 kg
Dimensions 350 x 80 cm